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Sino-Crystal Micro-Diamond attend the Ceramics China 2015 in Guangzhou.

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The Ceramics China 2015 is hold in Guangzhou on June 1st.CERAMICS CHINA 2015, which will cover 86,500m² exhibition spaces, is expecting to host 841 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and over 70,000 trade visitors from all around the world.The exhibition is held at the Canton Fair Complex, one of the largest and best exhibition centers in the world.
Henan Yuxing Sino-Crystal Micro-Diamond Co., Ltd. gets a great success in the Ceramics China 2015 which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sino-Crystal company. Henan Yuxing Sino-Crystal Micro-Diamond Co., Ltd has made a great progress in environmental protection issues. The synthetic diamond micron powder can adapt for all kinds of ceramic processing within good efficiency cutting, grinding, polishing and less environmental pollution.The Advanced processing technology of synthetic diamond micron powder can also reduce production costs and improve the quality of the products .     
As the technology leader in super-abrasive industry, our company always implements ISO9001 management model throughout the production process. Each batch of product will go through the quality control with modern instruments (such as Powder Morphology Analyzers, ICP Detectors, Laser Particle Detectors, SEM Electron Microscopes, etc.). As an integrated enterprise, we have a professional sales team, which is ready to meet your needs by continuous management improvement and service enhancement.

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